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Muddy Creek Turbo
He is the old man of bird dogs here at Muddy Creek. He is now 13 years old and has sired 107 puppy’s. In 2013 he broke his front right leg and we had to remove it due to the placement of the break. It has slowed him down a little but still loves to hunt birds when we give him the chance.

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Muddy Creeks newest addition. She is 20 months old and out of Wind Wagon Retrievers stock. She is trained to hunt waterfowl but we are working her on upland birds now. She has taken a liking to them also. We are excited to get her in the field in front of some bird hunters to see what she can do.


He is a 4 year old son of turbo. He is still in training but doing well and learning to hunt with the wind. He loves to retrieve birds and swim like a fish when he gets the opportunity to.

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